Step 1

Answer the questions on the Consultation Questionnaire below to help us get a better understanding of your goals as a music industry participant.  It also helps us to understand what’s important to you as a person as well. Email them to

Step 2

Schedule a time via our Calendar with Dr. Smith that meets your schedule and prepare any questions you might have for him. You will get a reminder about the meeting 15 minutes before hand.

Step 3

Download the free book Making Money in the Music Business once you’ve paid and scheduled your time. It would be helpful to read Chapter 3 on Sales & Marketing before you have your meeting.

Step 4 

Join the meeting with Dr. Smith on Google Hangout and be sure to record the meeting as a reference for you to go back to.

Step 5

After your meeting, you will get a PDF containing a detailed description of your next steps and some helpful resources to help you complete them. Implement these recommendations given by Dr. Smith and reply to the follow-up email to let him know your progress.

*Currently, booking times are

Thursday 6-8pm EST 

Friday 12-3pm EST 

If you need to schedule a time outside of these hours send us an email with your available times and we will try to accommodate your schedule. 

Consultation Questionnaire

  • What is your music business product or service (artist, label, studio, producer)? (Can be more than one)
  • What’s your background experience (length of time, number of shows, number of clients, etc.) providing this product or service? (You can provide your bio)
  • What are your goals with this business (future accomplishments, benchmarks)?