Music Business Accounting Course

I have a new course available in my online academy on how to set up your money flow for your music business.

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Make a Living Making Music

There are numerous ways to make money from the music business.  There are the tried and true ways passed down from the old industry model and there are the myriad of new revenue streams that have been created through the digital revolution and the online economy.

We show you how to build a business in this thriving economy and carve out a niche for your listening audience. You don’t have to be a mega-star to make mega-money in the music industry.  Even if you are just interested in making a living doing what you love and not concerned about the huge sums of money being made in music, you can still build your own music business that will support you and your family.

Set Up Your Accounting for Your Music Business

In this course you will learn how to form your business, what the key revenue streams are, how to set up your accounting and taxes, and what passive income opportunities are available for your music business.


  1. Business Formation
  2. Music Business Revenue Streams
  3. Accounting and Tax Categories
  4. Financial Statements
  5. Financial Projections
  6. Passive Income
  7. Vision Board

REGISTER for only $45