Podcast 108 – Interview With Producer Centric

Centric, record producer (whose formal name is Christopher Mandujan) is our special guest in this week’s podcast episode #108. Centric shares a wonderful account of his dynamic career in music production working with artists in hip hop, soul/r&b and jazz. In addition to producing music for co-host Kenya, he has also worked with such artists as Kool G Rap, Jagged Edge, Carlitta Durand and Raheem DeVaughn to name a few.

Centric shares honest perspectives on his process for creating music as well as how he chooses artists to work with. Similarly, he shares how he is able to monetize his music career including music licensing and publishing.

Centric’s company FreeAtLastMusic is a licensing & publishing entity and he shares why its important for musicians to not only focus on their creative works, but also consider how to be creative with their music business in order to create revenue. Listeners will gain valuable insight on how to honor your passion as well as how to poise and pitch yourself to other musicians you want to collaborate with in order to maximize success in today’s music industry.

To learn more about Centric visit/follow:
Website: www.iamcentric.com
IG & FB: @iamcentric