Podcast 116 – Interview With Vocalist Shirley Jones

Shirley Jones of the renowned classic R&B/soul group The Jones Girls is our very special guest in this week’s podcast episode #116. Shirley shares her remarkable music journey with her sisters including how their mother fully groomed and developed them to be both impeccable singers and embody the highest level of professionalism. Shirley shares a variety of stories from their careers including how they auditioned and became the background singers for Dianna Ross as well as the “go to” background vocalists in R&B/soul music recordings. In addition to the musical experiences, Shirley discusses the importance of understanding the business side of music including royalty and publishing administration in order to create a legacy of wealth. Listeners will be inspired by the stories discussed while also gaining advice on how to polish artist development, professionalism and business acumen in the music industry.

To learn more about and follow Shirley on social media, visit:
IG: @shirleyjonesofthejonesgirls
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jonesgirlshirley