Podcast 130 – Interview With Music Manager Cheryl Stabler

Music Manager, author and podcaster Cheryl Stabler is our special guest in this week’s podcast episode #130. Cheryl shares a heartfelt conversation about her journey in the music industry as a music manager and a “behind the scenes” producer of multiple aspects of artist development and promotion. She started in the business working with recording artist Rachelle Ferrell showing her the ropes of the music business particularly with road/tour management. Later in her journey, she managed noteworthy celebrity artists Kenny Lattimore and Howard Hewett plus many others. She has also managed backstage operations for numerous LA music festivals including BBJazz and LA Soul Music Festival. Furthermore, she is an author and producer/host of a new podcast “Unshakeable Woman.” Cheryl provides extremely valuable information about how to become an accomplished music manager, how to determine if you need management and how to properly network while building relationships in the music industry. Listeners will gain a wealth of useful information about artist development, the importance of “being ready” when acquiring music management and ideas of how to further promote artistry beyond music in today’s music climate.

IG & Twitter: @imcherylstabler @unshakeablewoman
Facebook: http://facebook.com/cheryllynnstabler
Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-unshakeable-woman/id1489915551