Podcast 142 – What Do You Do Now?

Kenya M. Johnson & Dr, William Smith return from their summer hiatus to kick off their podcast’s new season discussing “What Do You Do Now?” in episode 142. Now that venues are closing, audiences are not gathering, festivals are cancelled and shows/movies aren’t being filmed as usual, what do artists do? The co-hosts share five top ways musicians can survive and thrive in today’s current climate. They include:

1. Producing/performing live stream events
2. Build your Patreon, crowdfunding and other subscription memberships with content related to what you’re creating at this time
3. Build your music catalog to be prepared for new opportunities once production and touring resumes
4. Assemble your team and plan for upcoming projects given more people are accessible
5. Create other streams of income

MUSIC TIP FOR THE WEEK: Kenya and William share their different artist development opportunities. For William’s e-course information visit:


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