Podcast 145 – Interview With Music Supervisor Sarah Ponder

Sarah Ponder, Music Director at APM (Sony, ATV-EMI/Universal Music Publishing) is our special guest in this week’s podcast episode #145.  Sarah shares an extremely informative and valuable conversation about her journey as a music supervisor and now director at a major music licensing library including how she went from being a dancer to freelance music supervisor for independent entertainment clients to now working for major labels/clients.  Sarah provides a wonderful outlook of how busy her side of the industry can be all while contributing to the curation of music for major films and entertainment projects.  She also provides details of what artists need to do in order to have their music considered for APM’s library catalogs and other important strategies artists need to consider when getting into music licensing. Listeners will be inspired as well as educated about how to consider pitching themselves for music licensing opportunities as well as what it takes to be a supervisor or director in music publishing and licensing.