Podcast 148 – Interview With Vocalist and Co-Host Kenya McGuire Johnson

In this special episode #148, Dr. William Smith interviews co-host Kenya McGuire Johnson in order for the audience to get to know more about the person behind the podcast.  Kenya shares an introspective discussion about her upbringing and background in music including being raised in a household where her father was a drummer and where she was constantly surrounded by music mostly within jazz, soul, funk and classic R&B.  While music was very much a part of her childhood and adolescence, Kenya left the world of music in her adulthood until her mid 30’s when she realized she was missing a huge part of herself.  Kenya spends a great deal of the discussion pointing out the importance of spirit and being true to your purpose in order to evolve as an artist.   Listeners will be inspired by Kenya’s vast experiences as a singer, songwriter, artist coach and counselor and will come to understand why her journey makes her the perfect fit for inspiring and coaching artists who are navigating the music industry.

IG/Twitter/FB: @kenyamjmusic
LinkedIn: Search “Kenya McGuire Johnson”