Podcast 151 – Interview With Publicist Diane Hinds

International publicist Diane Hinds is our special guest in this week’s podcast episode #151.  Diane shares her dynamic journey in the music business as a public relations entrepreneur including how she began with an extreme passion for radio and evolved into a consummate music industry professional and educator.  Having worked for BBC radio and then working for major labels like Arista, Diane gained a wealth of diverse experiences that allowed her to take a leap of faith and create her PR firm, The Entertainment Bureau, while also completing a Master’s of Arts degree.  While based in the United Kingdom, Diane has international clients and discusses the attributes artists need to consider when selecting and working with a publicist.  Listeners will be inspired as well as informed about the vast opportunities a good publicist can provide to open doors within the music industry even during challenging times.

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Twitter: @diande_hinds
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Website: http://www.theentertainmentbureau.co.uk/