Podcast 167 – Interview With Producer Issa Goldyy

Producer/mixing engineer Spencer Short a.k.a. “Issa Goldyyy” is our next featured “Artist on the Rise” in this week’s podcast episode #167.  Goldyyy is a current student at Bowie State University studying music production and technology.  Similarly, he is an emerging young producer and mixing engineer.  During our discussion, Goldyyy shares that he is a musician whose primary instrument is trombone and while school is a main focus, he is also extremely dedicated to developing his artistry as a new producer and mixing engineer. He shares why he believes going to school is personally important and provides compelling thoughts regarding today’s music industry.  Listeners, especially those who are developing artists, will be inspired by Goldyyy’s commitment to building his music career as well as his commitment to learning more about his craft while in college.

IG: @issa.goldyyy