Podcast 173 – Interview With Producer/Musician Wil Key

Musician/producer Wil Key is our special guest in this podcast episode #173.  Wil discusses his dynamic journey in music beginning as a child who comes from an extremely musical family.  Having played the keys from a young age, Wil admits doing music as a career has always been his goal and explains the various pathways he’s taken within the music industry.  From attending Howard University as a music major to building recording studios to teaching to songwriting and now doing more performance, Wil provides a clear landscape of the various streams of revenue musicians can create in today’s music industry.  Listeners will be inspired by Wil’s enthusiasm for music as well as be informed about how to sustain a career in music even during a pandemic.
To learn more about Wil Key and hear his music, follow him on social media:
Website: www.wil-key.com
IG: @wil.key
Twitter: @wil_key

Music tip

Vocaloid – vocal sample instrument you create


Plogue Alter Ego – vocal sample instrument