Podcast 30 – 7 Tips To Grow Your Business In 2018

In this podcast we talk about some important tips and practices that will help you grow your business this year.

7 Tips to Help Your Music Business in 2018

Producers & songwriters write a song a week or at least 1 track each week and do a song a month

Musicians learn a new song each week and practice it in at least 2 other keys

Vocalists take care of your voice with proper voice training

Performing more will bring income to your business

Start organizing your files (copyrights, tracks by genre, contracts, receipts, pay stubs, 1099s) and get ready for tax season – use Mint to track your business expenditures

Reach out to industry professionals on Linked In

Pick 2 events to attend this year 1 local 1 national to grow your business