Podcast 61 – Interview With Radio Promoter Jason Gorov

Jason Gorov, a smooth jazz radio promoter and music marketing professional, joins us as our special guest to discuss his professional expertise in radio and promotions. Jason explains how he has been interested in radio promotions since childhood while watching and learning from his father, Cliff Gorov who is a pioneer in smooth jazz radio promotion. Once Jason became an adult, he dived straight into radio promotion and joined his father’s company, Gorov Music Marketing. Jason provides an excellent description of exactly what it takes for an artist’s song to be played on radio, which he emphasizes begins with a strong product and melody. Jason also highlights the best way for artists to go about receiving radio promotion services and a step-by-step plan for getting your music considered for radio airplay.

To learn more about Jason Gorov and his radio promotion services, please visit his website and follow social media at:
Website: www.gorovmusic.com
Twitter/Instagram/Facebook: @gorovmusic