Podcast 70 – Interview With Coaching Client and Singer Tracye Eileen

Tracye Eileen, a jazz/soul and blues singer, is this week’s podcast special guest. She is also one of Kenya’s Creating Crimson music career coaching clients. Tracye discusses her music journey including being very active in the arts and music as an adolescent to working in a corporate environment to returning to her passion for music. In her quest to make music her full time career, Tracye has invested heavily in developing her craft and understanding of how the music business and industry work. She explains in depth the top reasons why she sought coaching from Kenya’s Creating Crimson coaching services and how it has taken her music and brand to the next level. Listeners will gain extremely valuable information about how and what to consider to level up a music career as well as insight on how independent artistry can be developed with the assistance of a coach and/or mentor.

To learn more about Tracye Eileen, follow her at:
Instagram: @Tracye_eileen
Twitter: @TracyeEileem
Facebook: Tracye Eileen
Website: Tracyeeileen.net