What’s a One Sheet and Why Do I Need One

Many independent artists do not know what a one sheet is. This is something labels use frequently for their single and album releases. In order for online and retail stores to catalog your project they need a one sheet to go into their system. In order for radio to catalog their playlist they to need a one sheet to go into their system. A one sheet is exactly what it sounds like, one page that has all of the necessary information on a recording project. The following information is found on a one sheet:

  • The title
  • The release date
  • The style of music
  • A video about the project
  • A picture of the album cover
  • The contact information for the label
  • The logo of the label
  • The track length of each song

Aside from having all of this information a one sheet should be visually captivating. It should be colorful and grab your attention. Because so many releases come out each week radio stations, stores and media receive numerous one sheets that come out across their desks. In order for yours to get noticed it must be visually stunning. Check out some examples below: