Music Registration Starter Package

3MB Music Registration Services

Starter Package $99 

Copyright Account Setup and Song Registration


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Once your purchase is complete you will receive an email in 24 hours providing you with detailed instructions on how to send your music and project information.  All information must be submitted in order to complete your project registration.

Because some of the information you are submitting is sensitive we will delete emails after they have been read to ensure the safety of your identity.  This may result in us requesting information again if there are changes to your account.  We do not keep or store sensitive information and only retain your contact information.

Once your accounts are setup and we have verified that you are able to access them, be sure to change your passwords and keep them in a secure location. We will not have access to your login information after you are successfully logged in.  If you wish to use our services again you will have to resubmit your login information to us because we will have purged that information from our systems.

We value the safety of your identity and make every effort to ensure your privacy and your accounts are secure.