Podcast 103 – Interview With City Winery Talent Buyer Libby Brickson

Libby Brickson, Senior Talent Buyer at City Winery Chicago is our special guest in this week’s podcast episode #103. Libby discusses her background and expertise in the music industry specifically as it relates to venue management and booking performing artists. Our informative conversation includes Libby providing a wealth of knowledge and understanding of how independent and developing artists should prepare and pitch themselves to be booked not only at City Winery but other venues in general. Basic tips and strategies including effective social media engagement and what things to include in an email pitch are just a sample of the extremely valuable information shared in our discussion. Listeners will gain new insight on how to better their chances of getting booked at venues like City Winery as well as become more informed about what talent buyers are looking for when booking an artist to perform.

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