Podcast 105 – Interview With MD/Producer/Composer/Arranger Michael Bearden

Michael Bearden, music director, composer, arranger and overall music maestro is our special guest in this week’s podcast episode #105. Michael shares an extraordinary account of his incredible career in music including currently being Lady Gaga’s music director and previously being the music director for iconic celebrities such as Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. He also directed the music for the 66th Emmy Awards Show on NBC, the Lincoln Award’s at the Kennedy Center as well as directed the music for President Barack Obama’s first inauguration. Having grown up in Chicago and being friends with First Lady Michelle Obama since high school, Michael clearly has had life changing personal and professional experiences. He encourages artists to remain curious, patient and to be a follower first in order to be a great leader. Michael shares many “golden nuggets” throughout the interview that provide inspiration as well as knowledge on how to navigate a successful career in music while remaining humble and hungry to evolve as artists.

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Music Tip
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