Podcast 115 – Interview With Radio Director & Program Manager Maxx Myrick

Maxx Myrick, program manager for DC Radio, is our very special guest in this week’s podcast episode #115. Maxx shares a wealth of information about how he began his career in radio as a teen and how he grew as a radio professional who started a number of noteworthy stations across the country, both digitally and via “brick & mortar.” He started such iconic radio stations as Chicago’s V103 and XM Satellite Radio. Furthermore, he was the program manager for WHUR in Washington, D.C. and has now established and manages DC Radio, which is a long-format station that specializes in broadcasting podcasts about music (including our podcast “Making Money in the Music Business”), current topics, self development and much more. Listeners will gain valuable insight about how radio works both intrinsically as well as how artists’ music is placed on playlists in this compelling conversation regarding today’s radio environment
To learn more about DC Radio, visit and follow the following links:
Radio Station: www.dcradio.gov and 96.3 (HD4)
IG & Twitter: @dcradiohd
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DCRadioHD/

Upcoming Music Conferences 2020


Of note


16/03/20 – 19/03/20 Winter Music Conference Miami, USA 

16/03/20 – 22/03/20 Miami Music Week


01/04/20 – 03/04/20 ASCAP Experience Los Angeles, USA

04/04/20 – 05/04/20 North American Conference on Video Game Music New York, USA

21/04/20 – 26/04/20 Richmond International Film & Music Festival Virginia, USA

21/05/20 – 23/05/20 Chicago House Music Conference & Festival Chicago, USA