Podcast 124 – Interview With Vocalist Lori Williams

Lori Williams, jazz vocalist and music educator, is our very special guest in this week’s podcast episode #124. Lori shares her noteworthy music journey including a diverse background within the business and education aspects of the music industry. Currently as an independent artist, Lori performs internationally and her music has been acclaimed by such musicians as Grammy winning drummer/producer Terri Lyne Carrington and pianist/producer Bob Baldwin. In addition, Lori shares more information about her non-profit music education organization Positive Music for Positive Minds which teaches students about the essence of jazz and lyrical content in various art forms. Listeners will be inspired by Lori’s insight on how artists can take leaps of faith and pursue music performance full time while still being involved in other aspects of music including music education.

To learn more about and follow Lori Williams on social media, visit:
IG: @loriwilliams_lorijazz
Twitter: @lorijazz22
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lorijazz
Website: https://lorijazz.com