Podcast 127 – Interview With The Baylor Project

Grammy-nominated jazz duo The Baylor Project is our very special guest in this week’s podcast episode #127. The Baylor Project is comprised of married couple Marcus Baylor (former drummer for the iconic jazz group The Yellow Jackets) and Jean Baylor (former singer in the hit R&B/soul group Zhane). They both share engaging and extremely informative information about their current music careers as well as their previous experiences as signed major label artists. Now, they are independently producing and successfully releasing dynamic jazz music. Each provide the pros and cons of being a signed versus an independent artist and provide the audience with how to approach engaging an audience while also building a sustainable music business. Listeners will be inspired as well as educated about how to build a team that will produce top-notch music and performances amidst today’s current music industry environment.

To learn more about and follow The Baylor Project on social media, visit:
IG: @thebaylorproject
Twitter: @baylorproject
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thebaylorproject
Website: https://www.thebaylorproject.com