Podcast 132 – Interview With Vocalist Guordan Banks

R&B/Soul recording artist Guordan Banks is our special guest in this week’s podcast episode #132 which is the final episode of the season. Guordan shares a sincere and candid conversation about his journey in the music industry in addition to delivering a conscientious perspective about Black music in general. His journey includes starting an independent artist career in Philly, developing a small label/team and going on to release his hit single “Keep You in Mind” which hit the #1 spot on Billboard radio charts. Guordan provides extremely valuable information about how to organically increase the longevity of a song, the importance of slowly building a music career and the importance of playing in small markets in order to fully expand music promotion. Listeners will gain a wealth of useful information about the current state of R&B/soul music and the importance of being authentic as an artist in today’s music industry.

IG & Twitter: @guordan
Facebook: http://facebook.com/guordanbanksmusic
Website: http://www.mirrormusiciansfund.com