Podcast 147 – Interview With Producer Tall Black Guy

Recording artist and music producer Tall Black Guy (whose formal name is Terrel Wallace) is our special guest in this week’s podcast episode #147.  Terrel shares a dynamic and valuable conversation about his almost 20 year journey in music including how his love for music has made way for him to establish a sustainable career in the industry.  From working with many noteworthy artists to being recognized for his progressive spin on hip hop and soul music, Terrel explains the 5 top ways he has been able to consistently create income in an up and down industry even during COVID.  Listeners will be inspired by Terrel’s pathway as well as educated about how to turn their passion for music into a career that generates an income while remaining creative.

Website: http://www.tallblackguyproductions.com

IG & FB: @tallblackguyproductions