Podcast 153 – Interview With “Artistpreneur” Sherry Amour

R&B/Soul singer/songwriter Sherry Amour is our featured “Artist on the Rise” special guest in this week’s podcast episode #153.  Sherry defines herself as an “artistpreneur” given her career is a mix of being an artist and an entrepreneur.  Her entrepreneur hat is worn both while managing her music career while also running her own project management small business. Sherry shares her journey as an independent artist including how she began as a child singing and being heavily influenced by various artists, primarily Whitney Houston.  She received her bachelor’s degree from Columbia College in Chicago in arts, entertainment and management; still her first love has always been singing and developing her artistry.  Listeners, especially those who are developing artists, will be inspired by Sherry’s enthusiasm for being an artist and will learn the importance of setting boundaries to avoid being “a slave to music” as she so eloquently explains.

Twitter & IG: @samourmusic
Music: Available on all digital platforms