Podcast 158 – Interview With Vocalist Drea D’Nur

Singer/songwriter and creative entrepreneur Drea D’Nur is our special guest in this week’s podcast episode #158.  Drea shares her dynamic journey as an incredible artist who has deep roots in the spirit of music and creativity.  From singing and playing piano since childhood to now performing internationally, producing music videos, running a holistic food pantry and raising a family of 5 children, Drea has clearly had a plethora of rich experiences that inform her artistry and business acumen.  We have an extremely thoughtful and engaging conversation about our purposes as artists and how soul influences creativity.  Listeners will be inspired by Drea’s journey and passion for music while also learning diverse methods to create streams of revenue as an independent artist.

Twitter, IG & FB: @drea_dnur
Website: www.officialdreadnur.com
Music: Available on all digital platforms