Podcast 159 – Interview With Vocalist Tracye Eileen

Tracye Eileen, a jazz and soul singer, does a “follow up” interview in this week’s podcast episode #159.  Tracye returns after two years almost to the exact date (original episode #70 January 2019) to share all of her wonderful updates including releasing a new EP.  The new project includes singles that have charted on multiple smooth jazz radio charts and have radio airplay internationally all during the COVID pandemic.  Tracye shares specific strategies she used to not only meet her music goals, but also thrive as an independent artist.  Listeners will gain extremely valuable information about the benefits of artist coaching, personal development and investing resources to level up a music career during hardships, especially within today’s challenging music industry environment.
To learn more about Tracye Eileen, follow her at:
Instagram: @Tracye_eileen
Twitter: @TracyeEileen
Facebook: Tracye Eileen
Website: Tracyeeileen.net
Music: Available on all major digital platforms
ChordieApp mentioned in the show: https://www.chordieapp.com/