Podcast 169 – Interview With Entrepreneur/Musician Bree Noble

Musician and entrepreneur Bree Noble is our special guest in this week’s podcast episode #169.  Bree shares her eclectic journey in music including beginning as an aspiring singer transformed into a dynamic music industry entrepreneur.  Her story includes one that involved her taking many leaps of faith to pursue her passion of being a musician full time.  From touring to becoming an arts administrator to now owning her company, Profitable Musician, LLC, Bree has a wealth of experience in the music industry.  She discusses a myriad of ways artists can develop themselves and generate various streams of income. Listeners will be inspired by Bree’s journey and will also receive fruitful advice on how to become more profitable as an independent artist in today’s music climate.

IG: @profitablemusicianllc
Twitter: @breenoble