Podcast 50 – Interview With Vocalist Will Downing

Legendary r&b/soul & jazz recording artist Will Downing joins us as our special guest to discuss his background and 30 year tenure in the music industry.  He explains the process of becoming an artist including the challenges many face in the early phases of attempting to gain exposure.  Will reveals his most remarkable moments as a singer while also emphasizing strategies to establish longevity in the industry.  In addition, the interview briefly explores highlights of a recently aired broadcast episode of TV One’s show “Unsung” featuring Will Downing .  Always recording, remaining authentic and balancing family life are just a few characteristics noted as key tools to being successful.   Will Downing’s remarkable journey as both an independent and mainstream artist will inspire as well as inform listeners in this fun and engaging podcast episode.

To learn more about Will Downing, follow him on social media:

Website: www.willdowning.com

FB: facebook.com/willdowning/

Twitter: @willdowning3