Podcast 55 – Interview With Publicist Kisha Scott

Kisha Scott, a publicist based in Los Angeles, CA,  joins us as our special guest to discuss her career and professional background including her extremely progressive and contemporary approach to public relations particularly on digital platforms.  Having began her career at Music Choice company and a host of other noteworthy music entities, Kisha describes how independent artists need to approach selecting a publicist, when to use a publicist and how a publicist can be the most effective in generating greater exposure and revenue for artists.  Kisha’s unique role in pitching to streaming playlist curators including Spotify and Apple Music gives her an edge in public relations. In addition, the information she provides to listeners is not only incredibly valuable but also a true education about how to be played on various streaming playlists in today’s music industry particularly within r&b/soul and hip hop genres.

To learn more about Kisha Scott, follow her on Instagram @digitalkish.