Podcast 74 – Interview With Vocalist Lizz Wright

Noteworthy international jazz vocalist, Lizz Wright, is our very special guest in this week’s podcast episode. Lizz discusses her remarkable background in music including her roots in Georgia, being raised by a minister father and an eclectic vibrant mother and her relationship with two siblings. She attributes her passion for music to her childhood experiences that included an incredibly close and supportive family as well as an extended church family community.  Our conversation dives deep into the spiritual aspect of Lizz’s creative career and how living a balanced and normal life has been the true informant to her artistry and music performance.  Listeners will be highly inspired by Lizz’s unique perspective about creativity and how it influences music business decisions. Artists will also gain extremely valuable information about how to navigate a music career while also maintaining a sense of being grounded and reflective.  
To learn more about Lizz Wright, follow her at:

FB: Facebook.com/lizzwrightmusic
Website: www.lizzwright.net
Twitter & IG: @lizzwrightmusic