Podcast 75 – Interview With Former Senior VP of Def Jam Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker, former Senior VP of Def Jam Group and Founder of NABFEME (National Association of Black Female Executives in Music & Entertainment), is our special guest in this week’s podcast episode. Johnnie discusses how her career in the music industry began at a small country radio station and evolved into her being a senior music executive at reputable entertainment labels including Def Jam and Dreamworks. Her resilience and persistence to be a leader in Black music and how it is promoted is apparent in her description of the skills she needed to be successful. In addition, Johnnie provides remarkable advice and tips for artists and individuals pursuing careers in the music industry, whether it be for a corporation at an executive level or independently as an entrepreneur. Listeners will be inspired by Johnnie’s professional journey and will gain strategies on how to be clear about goals and properly navigate today’s entertainment industry.

To learn more about Johnnie Walker, follow her at:
FB: Facebook.com/msjohnniewalker
IG: @nabfemprez
Twitter: @msjohnniewalker
NABFEME Website: www.nabfeme.org