Podcast 76 – Interview With Opera Singer Kenneth Kellogg

Kenneth Kellogg, classical & opera singer, is our special guest in this week’s podcast episode. Kenneth discusses how his career began in his childhood by having an exemplary teacher who nurtured his curiosity and passion for music. Having attended Duke Ellington School of the Arts high school in Washington, D.C., his craft and passion continued to blossom and a full scholarship to study classical voice in college set him on the path of making his passion for music his life long career. Kenneth shares various values and thoughts around his pursuit of music while also emphasizing the importance of focus and commitment to his craft, both within the artistry and music business. He provides remarkable advice and tips for artists regarding getting agent representation, balancing family life as a husband and father and the importance of being a great colleague to peers and fellow artists. Listeners will be inspired by Kenneth’s professional journey into a genre of music where few African American men are represented and will gain strategies on how to remain focused while developing one’s craft and business acumen in today’s music industry.

To learn more about Kenneth Kellow, follow him at:
FB: Facebook.com/kenneth.kellogg
IG: @kenneth.kellogg
Website: www.kennethkellogg.com

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