Podcast 82 – Interview With Vocalist Tahirah Memory

Singer/songwriter Tahirah Memory is our special guest in this week’s podcast episode. She discusses how she went from being a former athlete and waitress for years to becoming a rising independent artist whose music is now being downloaded and streamed internationally. Tahirah provides an extremely honest conversation about her process of being self aware and valuing her own thoughts and voice enough to produce her own music and create opportunities to be a successful singer and songwriter. Having strong musical relationships and dynamic mentors are admittedly a key factor to her growth both professionally and personally. Tahirah provides insight on how she initiated her professional music career with the assistance of friend and fellow soul/jazz musician Jarrod Lawson as well as the steps she took to transition into her music career. Listeners will gain significant insight about the importance of self reflection and awareness, taking leaps of faith and finding your own voice when seeking an independent career in music.

To learn more about Tahirah Memory, follow her at:
FB: facebook.com/tahirahmemory
IG: @tahirahmemory
Twitter: @missmemory
Website: https://www.tahirahmemory.com
Music: Available on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Bandcamp and all major digital outlets