Podcast 94 – The Importance of Artist Development

Dr. William Smith and Kenya McGuire Johnson return from their summer hiatus by discussing the importance of artist development, how it requires time and patience, and a new program they will offer to help further develop artists.  Five main tasks to do for artist development include:

1. Increase overall knowledge about your craft, the music business and the music industry.

2. Self discovery- this is a process of reflecting on personal habits to determine which are productive and which are non-productive and needing to be released.  Also, artists need to practice discipline and create new habits that positively contribute their development.

3. Create a plan- this plan will be a map and guide to how you should proceed with your artistry and music business.  This includes team building and putting everything in its proper space to move forward.  Team building will evolve and will continue throughout the process of development.

4. Get a mentor(s) in order to have guidance with your plans and future endeavors.  

5. Build a brand in order to target your listening audience, increase following and create new opportunities including performance, music production and overall success in your music career.

Finally, the co-hosts describe the launch of their new artist development program, “3MB Club”.  By subscribing for just $10/month, artists will receive:

1. A monthly e-book on a music business topic

2. 30 day/monthly challenge to meet goals related to the e-book music business topic

3. Be a part of a private FB group in order to network and communicate with other artists and music industry professionals. 

4. Receive weekly tips and advice to assist with completing the monthly challenge.

5. Receive a monthly live group coaching session with co-hosts Dr. William Smith and Kenya M. Johnson focused on the monthly music business topic, receive tips and strategies for success and Q & A related to your music business and artist development.  Also, professional referrals and networking assistance will be provided.

In order to become a member, artists must get on the waiting list by emailing 3mbpodcast@gmail.com and request membership.  On the 1st of the month, those on the waiting list will be emailed a link to officially subscribe.  Doors close on the 5th of each month.

For questions, please email 3mbpodcast@gmail.com.
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