Paying Attention to Trends in Music

Part of the key to making money in the music business is keeping abreast of trends and supplying the demand for those trends. Learning about music and how it’s created is one thing, learning about business and how money is made, is another. We must not forget that the music business is just like any other business and you need to see where there is a demand and then fulfill that demand.

Artists usually go about it the other way, they want to create the music they want and expect an audience to show up. An audience may show up at some point but it could be years from now before they do. You could be a huge star after you’re gone. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but the point of this site is to help you make money from your musical efforts now, to make time available for you to create whatever you want to create later.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are those artists who are anomalies and create a whole movement from their art and you could be one of them. Just be a smart one of them and continue to create music that people want to hear while you create music that you want to hear.

A great tool just came across my Facebook feed yesterday that shows the top 5 Billboard hits every week since the 1950s. It’s interesting to see what type of tunes and in what genres were the top tunes each week. From what I’ve seen, since 1997 dance tunes do well and last a long time at number 1 especially during the summer time. Also heartbreak and empowerment songs do well, especially the ones that have some attitude. Some other styles that seem to always make it to number 1 are R&B, Latin, and Hip Hop.

Here’s the site:

Polygraph website

Billboard top 100