Podcast 78 – Minding Her Business: Strategies to Success in Managing a Music Business

In this week’s podcast, co-host Kenya McGuire Johnson does a solo episode where she discusses how she turned her music passion into a business by sharing her journey and process of establishing KenyaMJ Music Productions, LLC. She also shares the common missteps musicians make including:

  1. Not nurturing or developing their craft
  2. Not receiving mentoring from professionals in the music industry
  3. Poor accountability
  4. Poor verbal and written communication
  5. Improper marketing and promotions
  6. Not registering a business
  7. Not knowing financial situation/budget
  8. Improper networking
  9. Decrease support
  10. Not using social media effectively

The 5 basic strategies to improve your accountability and music business discussed include:

  1. Stay organized and write everything
  2. Create a personal mission statement
  3. Reward your accomplishments
  4. Create “micro” goals and small achievable steps
  5. Seek feedback

To learn more about Kenya and her music business, follow:

Website: www.kenyamjmusic.com

Facebook, Twitter, IG: @kenyamjmusic

To join NABFEME (National Association of Black Female Executives in Music and Entertainment): www.nabfeme.org