Podcast 79 – Interview with Recording and Mixing Engineer Alan Litten

Alan Litten, a recording & mixing engineer, is our special guest in this week’s podcast episode. Alan discusses how his early love for music lead him toward a career in engineering. While he attended college as a music performance major, he later became drawn to recording and never turned back. Having recorded with a variety of labels in Nashville, TN and recording legendary artists such as Aretha Franklin, Jennifer Holliday, Marvin Sapp & Peobo Bryson to name a few, Alan provides an engaging and thoughtful perspective about what sets him a part from other mixing engineers as well as the various skills a mixing engineer needs to be hired to establish a sonic mix that is strong. Listeners will gain significant insight into how mixing should be approached as well as what qualities to look for in a good mixing engineer.

To learn more about Alan Litten, follow him at:
FB: Search “Alan Litten”
IG: @alanlitten
Twitter: @alanlitten
Website: https://www.allmusic.com/artist/alan-litten-mn0000508311