Podcast 51 – Interview With Publishing Administrator Paige L. Martin

Paige Martin, a publishing administrator based in Atlanta, GA, joins us as our special guest in Part One of our discussion about how to navigate publishing, performing rights organizations, copyright registration, royalties and licensing. In addition to publishing administration, Paige is a songwriter and has written songs for such artists as Tamia, Avery Sunshine and India Arie. Her experience as a songwriter and having to negotiate publishing contracts in the past are what lead to her passion to educate and inform other independent artists on how to manage their business so that they are paid accordingly and receive their appropriate royalties. This extremely valuable conversation will be continued in a Part Two podcast episode later this fall to provide additional information and insight given the importance of the information.

To learn more about Paige Martin, follow her on social media:
FB: facebook.com/paige.l.martin.35
IG: @paigemartin6237