Podcast 87 – Interview With Singer Songwriter Bashiri Asad

Bashiri Asad, a soul & jazz singer/songwriter, is our special guest in this week’s podcast episode. Bashiri, who has released seven albums independently, discusses how 11 years ago he jumped into a full time career in music without a plan but with much heart and passion.  He explains how with his wife’s recommendation and strong support, he took a leap of faith only to find quickly the many hardships and challenges of being an independent artist; however, the silver lining was the significant amount of growth, lessons and new skills he gained as a result of learning from mistakes.  Our conversation explores the importance of artists marketing themselves, building “super fans”, remaining consistent and authentic plus many more gems.  Through Bashiri’s honesty and transparency, listeners will gain important information about building a brand, remaining true to your art form and being motivated to stay the course even when confronted with significant challenges.
To learn more about Bashiri Asad, follow him at:FB:  Search “Bashiri Asad”IG: @indysoulheadTwitter: @bashiri08Music: www.bashiriasad.bandcamp.com and all major digital platforms