Podcast 143 – Interview With Publicist Vanessa Abron

Publicist Vanessa Abron, owner of Abron Agency is our special guest in this week’s podcast episode #143. Vanessa shares an enthusiastic and valuable conversation about her journey in the music business as a public relations professional including how she went from being an artist/creative herself to working for major labels like Def Jam and Hidden Beach to being jobless to becoming an entrepreneur and starting her own PR firm. Vanessa provides a unique outlook of how she has combined her intuitive gifts to assist artists with developing their vision and cultivating a brand that can push their artistry to the next level. She also shares information about her book Prelude to a Pitch that is a workbook for artists to use to develop their own pitch to media outlets. Listeners will be inspired as well as educated about how to consider pitching themselves in today’s changing market and better understand when to use a publicist to bring their music career to the next level.

IG & Twitter: @agencyabron
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/agencyabron
Website: https://www.agencyabron.com

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