Podcast 64 – Interview With Vocalist Melissa McMillan

Melissa McMillan, a New York-based soul/jazz singer and songwriter originally from Dallas, is our special guest in this week’s podcast episode. She discusses her music journey that ranges from listening to pop & r&b on the radio as an adolescent being inspired by vocal giants Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey to truly finding her voice in college at University of North Texas as a music major being inspired by vocal jazz legends Billie Holiday, Dinah Washington and Nina Simone to name a few. Melissa provides wonderful insight on how she has developed her craft while also being a successful independent artist in today’s music industry. In our conversation, Melissa recommends to fellow indie artists to get involved as much as possible within your musical community in order to develop lasting relationships and build exposure. Listeners will be inspired by Melissa’s enthusiasm for being a musician while also gaining strategies for success in navigating the music industry.

To learn more about Melissa McMillan visit, follow, listen & buy music at:
Website: www.melissamcmillanmusic.com
Instagram: @iammelissamcmillan
Twitter: @melissa_m_music

*This week’s music tip link to the “Success” magazine article about online-networking can be found at https://www.success.com/5-tips-for-successful-online-networking/