Podcast 65 – Interview With Music Reviewer Howard Dukes

Howard Dukes, a free lance journalist and music reviewer for Soultracks.com, is our special guest in this week’s podcast episode. He discusses his diverse background in journalism including his passion for music especially r&b/soul, neo-soul and funk music. Howard explains how his passion for finding new and noteworthy music by independent artists lead him to being a music reviewer. In addition to exploring the many facets of Howard’s interest in music, he provides an extremely insightful discussion about key points independent artists should consider when submitting music to be considered for reviews. He outlines the steps artists should take to make their music and artistry standout as well as emphasizes the need for artists to remain authentic within their craft. Listeners will gain extremely valuable information on how music reviews are conducted as well as receive tips to gain better recognition and exposure as an independent artist.

To learn more about Howard Dukes follow him at:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/howard.dukes.50
Instagram: @dukes_howard
Twitter: @DukesHoward