Podcast 69 – Interview With Music Journalist Tanisha Davis

Tanisha Davis, music journalist, blogger and founder of Starrdom100 Blog & Radio, is our special guest in this week’s podcast episode. Tanisha discusses her background as a former classical singer and how it impacted her career as a journalist including her humble beginnings of being a relationship blogger after surviving domestic violence. Her blog received amazing responses including a celebrity following which opened the door to mainstream media opportunities. She explains the various rewards and challenges of journalism, especially multitasking celebrity interviews while doing public relations and producing her own radio show. Tanisha provides excellent advice to independent artists who want to pursue having their music and artistry featured in music journalism including how to build a relationship with a journalist and publicist, the importance of originality in your music as well as your story including what sets you apart from others. Listeners will gain extremely valuable information and gain a high level of insight on how challenges can be a teachable moment as well as create new opportunities in your music career if you remain prepared and consistent in your journey.

To learn more about Tanisha Davis, follow her at:
Instagram: @TanishaDDavis
Twitter: @TanishaD84
Facebook: Tanisha D. Davis
Website: TanishaDDavis.wordpress.com