Podcast 77 – Interview With Vocalist Christie Dashiell

Christie Dashiell, a jazz vocalist & composer, is our special guest in this week’s podcast episode. Christie discusses how her love for music began as a child being raised by musician parents who nurtured her natural musicality which lead her to formally studying music at Howard University. Many listeners may know Christie from the TV show “The Sing Off” where she was a part of the noteworthy jazz a cappella group Afro Blue. She admits that the show was very pivotal in pushing her music career to the next level and shares the many rewards and music collaborations that were established as a result. Still, Christie humanizes her journey by discussing some of the insecurities and doubts she has experienced in her music journey both as an African American woman and independent artist. Listeners will be inspired by Christie’s transparency and honesty about her professional music journey in jazz and will gain insight on how to push through doubts and turn them into wins in today’s music industry.

To learn more about Christie Dashiell, follow her at:
FB: Search “Christie Dashiell”
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Website: www.christiedashiell.com